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BENAVIDES & ARCE is a Panamanian law firm founded in 2005 , which is dedicated to providing legal services effectively through a philosophy of practical work and different.

Our law firm with over 20 years experience in the market of national legal services and international, offering efficient and effective solutions to issues of civil, commercial, immigration, labor, criminal, business administration, foundations, corporations such solutions, administrative procedures relating to trademark registration, health registration of food and pharmaceutical products, migration, insurance, real estate sales, consulting for establishing companies wishing to operate in the country, to representation before the courts in civil, criminal, contracts, administrative, environmental and consumer protection.

Each one of the members of BENAVIDES & ARCE It is a part of the team and has its well defined functions and structured so that the work entrusted to our firm are carried out with efficiency and effectiveness that characterizes us.

Benavides & Arce Abogados

Our firm provides comprehensive legal services to a diverse portfolio of local and international clients.


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