Joaquin Benavides Arosemena

Joaquín Arosemena Benavides


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Abogado Joaquin Benavides Arosemena

Joaquin Benavides focuses his legal practice on Immigration Law, Public International Law, Intellectual Property and Trademarks, Negotiations and Conciliation, Administrative Law, Private International Law, Civil and Obligations Law, Commercial and Corporate Law, Litigation in general. His working languages ​​are Spanish and English.

He is a founding partner of Benavides & Arce, with more than 20 years of experience in the practice of law.


  • Bachelor of Law and Political Science, University of Panama, Bachelor of Law and Political Science (1998)
  • Postgraduate in Commercial Law Latin American University of Science and Technology ULACIT 2001.
  • Master in Business Law Latin American University of Science and Technology ULACIT 2001.
  • Fellow of the XXIX International Law Course organized by the Inter-American Juridical Committee of the Organization of American States OEA Rio de Janeiro Brazil 2002.
  • Fellow of the Department of State of the United States of America.

Professional suitability

  • Awarded by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Republic of Panama (1998)


Before founding Benavides & Arce, he collaborated in other law firms and worked as a Lawyer for the General Directorate of Legal Affairs and Treaties of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Panama.


  • National Bar Association of Panama.